Monday, 8 June 2009

Rock Band Wish List #1: The Who

Do you know how incredible Rock Band is? Today, despite great pain in my hand caused by an ongoing medical condition that is minor and nothing to worry about, I felt the need to bust out some jams on my little plastic controller, just like Jimi would have wanted me to. Late in the game, while playing in Tour Mode with my band Vampure, and my legendary guitarist George Murderer, I chose to play Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who, Pleasure (Pleasure) by Bang Camaro, and I Get By by Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives. Should have been a nice leisurely challenge in Medium (the level I still feel most comfortable with), but like an idiot with a death wish I accidentally selected Hard. Twelve hectic minutes later, not only did I prevail with respectable scores, but I also felt the pain in my hand lessen. It still hurt, but it was better than it had been before, even though my thumb had been slamming against the plectrum switch throughout.

That's how incredible Rock Band is. It heals the sick. Recognise.

Anyway, because I blog infrequently nowadays (blame bureaucracy and the economy), here's a piss-easy way to link-blog: The Rock Band Wish List! It's just videos of songs I like and want to see appear on Rock Band. Not exactly taxing. First up is A Quick One While He's Away by The Who. A recent rewatch of Rushmore brought this to my attention, and it's perfect for the game, especially now that Harmonix have figured out how to do harmonies. Those duelling phrases would be a lot of fun.

Even better, once Project Natal is installed in all our homes, we could get extra points for mimicking Pete Townshend's windmills and Keith Moon's mugging at the camera. Warning: Playing this song under those conditions might be so much fun that the rest of your life will be a letdown.

In additional Rock Band news, Wikipedia states that, among forthcoming downloads, there will be an Anvil trackpack, What's My Age Again by Blink-182, Would? by Alice in Chains, Rock Your Socks by Tenacious D, and, most amazingly, The Gambler by Kenny Rogers and ABC by The Jackson Five. That leads me to a point I wanted to make in my previous post about The Beatles: Rock Band game, that Harmonix are willing to expand past metal and rock and embrace other genres, certainly moreso than Neversoft and the post-Harmonix Guitar Hero series. There was a Funk track pack released for Rock Band download a while back, and they've even had a bunch of Spongebob Squarepants songs too. There's so much scope for expansion of the game, something I hope to come back to in the future of this new linkblog feature.

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