Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Never Go Full Bateman

I know, I hate linkblogging, but just as the internets goes crazy about it, I feel compelled to post this remix of Christian Bale's masterpiece, "McG, you got fucking something to say to this prick?"

Kudos to Revolucian for that. I'm tempted to get the RuPaul album as a thank you for making me laugh hard enough to hurt my guts just now. If I had been in the studio with him I would have asked him to include the little, "Ah-dada-dada," tune he does about a minute in, but still, that's great work. I found that on the AICN talkback a couple of minutes after my Hathaway-hating nemesis thechauffeur posted it elsewhere. Predictably, the AICN talkback is going back and forth on whether Bale is a galactic-level douche or not. That's the bread and butter of the internet, of course, but you also get people reacting quickly and cutting and splicing stuff in honour of this monumental moment in pop culture history, which never fails to delight and impress me. Kudos also to BorschtKilmeister for this one.

But is this meltdown as notable as this one?

It upsets me greatly when Lily Tomlin bitches out Dustin Hoffman 2.0 (i.e. the new cuddly version of Hoffman who is an endless delight on talk shows). Or is this crazed rant the ultimate?

That one, of course, inspired Paul Rudd and Michael Showalter (Thanks to Santanico for reminding me that existed). Maybe it's best I don't work in films. I'm not very good with confrontations.

Oh, all of that is not safe for work, of course. And, apparently, neither is Bale.


thechauffeur said...

You don't want them to remix my hate.

Santanico said...

Every so often, I think everyone needs to be reminded of the existence of that Rudd/Showalter clip. So, you're welcome.

Though I'm pretty sure nothing, ever, will top the RevoLucian remix of the Bale freakout, I think this original tribute song from the Mae Shi comes pretty darn close. I've been humming "Newsies will get you tonight/'Cause they're professional!" all day long.

johnilf said...

10 years ive been in this industry and have been witness to two mini freak outs on set, a christopher timothy (justified) rant and a Eddie Marson (unjustified) throw toys out of pram rant. Bale's is understandable, especially if the DOP had been warned to stop fucking about during rehearsals and its kind of an unwritten rule to stay out of eyelines. But, fuck me, when he says 'you want me to trash your fucking lamps' i nearly pissed myself. Best... rant.. ever. We all know that Bale is a A1 toss pot, its no secret but what wouldve ended that 4 minutes perfectly is if Bale actually trashed the lamps or the DOP rammed a lighting stand up Bale's arse!!! Its gold, just gold!!!

'lets go again'

'lets take a minute'


i think you need more than a minute, Christian.