Saturday, 28 February 2009

Mobile Blogging Test

Holy shitballs, I'm blogging from a phone. An iPhone, no less. It's like the 21st Century up in here. When I tried to do this using my TyTn II, it flagged this blog as containing naughty content. But who cares about that shitty phone anymore; I'm free! I have my own lovely iPhone 3G to defile with my greasy fingers. I can finally forget all of the flaws of the TyTn II, such as sending empty texts because the send button was too low and got in the way while typing on its lovely keyboard (its one good feature). No more losing all of my info through repeated crashing (O2 has a backup feature called Blueroom). No more messy interfaces and glitches.

Best of all, no more dealing with Orange and their useless cover (no signal at home or at work, which rendered it almost useless. Or should I say uselesser), and no more dealing with their awful customer service. Yesterday's call to Orange to get a PAC code (so I can retain my phone number, natch) was enlivened by two call-centre jerks forgetting to put me on hold during a transfer, meaning I got to hear them refer to me as a stalker, ha fucking ha. This after one letter of complaint and one phone call following up on their reply, which they wrote six months after I contacted them. Six months!? One call? That's not exactly Mark Chapman territory.

So, in conclusion, fuck Orange. Fuck HTC. Re-fuck Orange just for good measure. Long live the iPhone and all its pretty apps!

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Douglas said...

Hello Admiral. I treated myself to an iPhone for my birthday! Congratulations and enjoy your new phone. I am sure I am only using a tenth of it but who cares?!

Loving your views on LOST, BTW. Keep up the good work.