Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I Fail Because I Linkblog

Yes, linkblogging. Is there anything lower? Sadly, a post I had hoped to finish today on the train was ruined by many factors, including fatigue from lack of sleep, loss of inspiration, and being surrounded by dreary people in dreary suits talking about office politics into their mobile phones at great length and volume. I have to stay away from these people, as they live off the good vibes of the rest of us. So, because I reckon that excuses me from guilt over lazy posting, here are three articles I have enjoyed today, and a trailer for a film I cannot wait to see.

Popular Mechanics appears to be big on Lost, and have consulted noted physicist Michio Kaku about the time-travelling stuff. I thought for a moment he was watching the show, but I doubt that's the case. They do have Mythbuster Adam Savage blogging about it, though. Who do I prefer? Well, Kaku, in his popular science book Hyperspace, did explain how the universe exists in more than three spatial dimensions with far more clarity than most, but Adam Savage (with Jamie Hyneman) proved that a ceiling fan couldn't decapitate a human being unless powered by a crazy motor that one time, so he wins.

Also in Popular Mechanics, they pick their favourite FX scenes of the year. They make some interesting points, and praise some underrated moments from the year, including the huge amount of thought put into the way teleportation works in Jumper, the crazy colours and energy in the first stage of the Casa Cristo 5000 race from Speed Racer, and the forest elemental scene from Hellboy II. All great scenes, all ignored by the effects techs who vote as Academy members. Fuck 'em.

Finally, Slate has this fantastic drubbing of Slumdog Millionaire, which deconstructs the goddamn movie with far more pith and eloquence than I ever could. I thoroughly recommend it if you, too, have refused to acquiesce to the insane pod-person collective drool over this vacuous nonsense. In fact, I'm angrier about its success now than I was last week. Hopefully I'll get to explain why tomorrow.

Check it out! New Coraline trailer!

Hopefully this will finally make Henry Selick a household name, instead of him being known as that guy who worked on that Tim Burton movie once.

Right, I have to sleep. Posted without editing, so forgive broken links, spelling mistakes, pointlessness etc.

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