Wednesday, 24 December 2008

It Occurred To Me This Morning...

...The casting speculation surrounding Wonder Woman should be over by now. Surely it's obvious who should play her. Real-life Amazon and inspirational lady icon Amanda Palmer!

She's a fighter, she's a feminist, and she's awesome (not to mention properly FIERCE). Let's hope DC wise up and sign her immediately. Their film output this year has been a mixture of the amazingly wonderful (The Dark Knight, obviously) and the perplexing. I mean, if you're going to base a movie around a relatively minor Justice League villain, I understand why you would alter the character for the mainstream audience, but this is beyond the pale.

The namechange is annoying too. He's from the planet Kalinor, not Dieppe or wherever the hell this thing is set.

Merry Christmas, you lovely people. Hope you all get what you most want, i.e. a proper Despero movie with Keith David back on voice duties instead of post-awesomeness Ferris Bueller.

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