Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Further To Canyon's Mates of State Post

A couple of days ago Canyon posted about Mates of State, whose most recent album, Re-Arrange Us, is our joint favourite album of the year. It is sheer pop brilliance, seemingly light and fluffy but musically complex (Pitchfork thought otherwise). It has not left my iPod since we got it. However, I was sad that the incredible song The Re-Arranger didn't appear on YouTube. Nothing I can do about that, of course.

However, a day later, I realised there was a technique for creating videos for songs, after seeing this wonderful collage of images culled from public domain films, here used by locke325 to accompany Panda Bear's Take Pills, from my favourite album of last year, Person Pitch.

Surely someone could spend a bit of their time, say two days filled with frustration and error and eventual triumph, sticking together clips from such disparate films as Gamera vs. Viras, Royal Wedding, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe: Chapter 4, and Till The Clouds Roll By, to create a visual accompaniment for such a wonderful song. Amazingly, and with scarily psychic precision, I was right. It's the same guy who keeps supplying me with Torchwood clips. It's a staggering coincidence.

I know nothing about creating clips like this, and was wondering how difficult it must be. I mean, this guy seemed to make this next clip about a Republican convention from decades ago, in much less time, like maybe a couple of hours, so maybe it's not that bad once you get used to the seemingly infinite amount of free editing programs you have to download to splice it all together.

For the record, I'm disavowing that one for its reliance on a specious comparison that gets made by over-emotional people, and am disgusted by the inflammatory juxtaposition between the audio of the newsreel and the visuals of an evil dictator addressing his followers. I think it's disgraceful that a comparison appears to have been made between the Republicans, who are entitled to their beliefs, their leadership, who represent those beliefs, and the fascist regime on Mongo.

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