Thursday, 16 October 2008

Hawkmonkey PWNs Puppet Angel

It was my birthday recently, and Canyon got me the best present ever: Hawkmonkey!

She gave a custom order to a craftsperson on Etsy called Siansburys, who makes incredible sock monkeys, many of which are of her own design, and some of which are based on established pop culture icons (I especially like her Captain Jack Sparrow Monkey).

Canyon, being an awesome wife who has had to put up with a lot of my nonsense about what an awesome asskicking megahero my beloved Hawkman is, has outdone herself, and Siansburys, whose designs are all wonderful, has astounded us with the enormous skill, attention to detail, and adaptive imagination on display here (the packaging was wonderful too). Zoe, on the other hand, is not so pleased.

I love this photo Canyon took this morning, of two crimefighters contemplating the world they are about to clean up using fangs, fists, and a big mace.

The only downside to this wonderful present is that some unscrupulous, awesomeness-hating creeps might come to my house one day and put Hawkmonkey in some kind of compromising position not befitting his majestic splendour. If you think I'm being unduly paranoid, there is a precedent.

I'd only had those action figures a couple of days, dammit! To be fair, one of the criminals responsible for that tableau did get me two Wire boxsets this week, which are greatly greatly appreciated, though I do worry that the Wire cultists are now getting so desperate for new blood that they are buying DVDs for the rest of us. Plus, nice work spotting that Hawkman is so totally a top.


Siansburys said...

Awww yay, this just came up on my google alerts - I'm not stalking you lol

Glad you like him :D

Admiral Neck said...

I LOVE him. Thank you so much. Your work is just beautiful, and I really appreciate the effort you put into making Hawkmonkey. Since I got him he's apprehended five criminals in the area. My entire town thanks you!

Adams said...

A belated happy birthday! Canyon did indeed do you right -- that Hawkmonkey is amazing.

johnilf said...

Monkeys are great at the best of times but this....fantastic.

Who on earth did that to those superheroes, truly disgusting to actually model them into that position and for the owner not to notice for absolutely ages!!! Sick.

Anyway, i hope you can become a Wire convert because too much praise for the show can actually damage it so im gonna say its a big pile of shit...


I will get you a couple more seasons for christams.