Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Adventures In Awesome: Want! Now! (3)

Thanks to the super-handy RSS blog roll gadget in our sidebar, I just saw the Long Now blog take a break from interviewing Neal Stephenson over and over again (not necessarily a bad thing) to give a nice little plug to Bloom, an iPhone app created by Peter Chilvers and aural Michaelangelo Mr. Brian Eno.

It's basically like having an interactive version of Music For Airports or the first half of Discreet Music in your pocket, and is therefore the greatest invention in the history of mankind next to penicillin, the printing press, and vibrating scalp massagers, though I will admit it's similar to Electroplankton. Soon this shall be mine. Well, Canyon's, as she's the one with an iPhone. Nevertheless, this is surely an essential purchase, perhaps even more so than the lightsaber app I keep playing with, even though LucasArts has ruined it by getting rid of the previous app (for, you guessed it, copyright infringement) and turning it into a plug for The Force Unleashed, which, while fun, means the purple Mace Windu saber has disappeared.

Of course, all of this puts my piece of shit TyTn II to shame. All it can do is not work as a phone, run down a battery after an hour of use, and mock me, silently. Brian Eno would be disgusted with me for buying it. Stay away from that phone, people. If the new Knight Rider was a phone, it would be marginally more reliable than the TyTn II. And Val Kilmer would read out my voicemail message.

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