Monday, 29 September 2008

Yet Another Blog Slowdown

Yes, we're away again for a while, this time to Northern Italy, so posting will be even more sporadic and unreliable than last week. While my time is spent catching up on some reading in some crystal clear air, I'm forced to be lazy, relying on YouTube videos, at least one of which is already sweeping the net. How dreary! And yet, I can't help myself.

First, apologies to any readers (or co-bloggers) who hate Jeremy Clarkson and the Top Gear ethos (a colleague of mine refers to such people as the Pave The World Collective), but while weighing up candidates for the Caruso Awards I had intended to mention this police car challenge from the first episode of the most recent mini-season, not just because I thought it was funny, but also because it is a perfect example of what the show does best: juvenile silliness and male braggadoccio run rampant, as well as some excellent editing and truly superb use of music. For something as silly as this, a lot of effort and thought went into constructing it.

In the end I kinda forgot to include it, but here I can make up for that. The whole section comes to a fair whack of time, but I recommend it if you can spare it. The idea seemed more boring than their usual silly challenges, but the final result was much gasping and wheezing from myself. I was set off by James May's arrival complete with perfect theme tune, and spent the rest of the episode trying to catch my breath. Here it is, in three installments.

Of everything the BBC did this year (that I've seen, obviously), that is my favourite. I appreciate not everyone will love it, but this clip, shamelessly stolen from Warren Ellis' website, should more than make up for that.

Shameful admission: even my atheism doesn't get in the way of the genuine love I have for that song, but the fact that I can't get it out of my mind certainly is a problem. Canyon, on the other hand, is crying in mental pain, for which I apologise. Arrivederci for a little while!

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