Friday, 4 July 2008

The View Sounds More Interesting When Described By Rosie

Though I feel dirty for linking to a Fox News post, seems Rosie O'Donnell lost control of her mouth again and compared working on The View to violent scenes from exploitative prison movies. She is reported to have said, during a warm-up for a stand-up tour:

It started out as a tea party and wound up like a women’s prison movie. There were shivs out on the table.

That was the nice quote; she said worse things in another quote. How dare she insult women-in-chains exploitation movies by comparing them to something as tawdry as The View! Has The View ever been directed by Academy Award winning director Jonathan Demme? No, it hasn't. Do ladies-in-prison flicks feature anything as offensive, unpalatable, and insulting to the reputation of the female gender as Elizabeth Hasselbeck? No, they don't. Put a cork in it, O'Donnell, or I'm burning my copy of Another Stakeout.

(Disclaimer: No contributor to Shades of Caruso owns a copy of Another Stakeout in any format. This was merely an attempt to prevent Rosie O'Donnell from saying anything else from a position of zero perspective.)

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