Thursday, 17 July 2008

No Love For Big Love

Quick comment, and then I'll eat some more Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its; though we're happy with many of the Emmy nominations, especially those of Michael Emerson, Lee Pace, everyone on the Recount team, and Michael C. Hall (aka the only reason to watch Dexter), there were problems. Eclipsing my astonishment at seeing nominations for those monuments to mediocrity that are The Andromeda Strain and Tin Man, and amazingly, overshadowing even the disgust of the entire Shades of Caruso team at the dismissal of the mighty Connie Britton, who has been peerless on Friday Night Lights, I'm sickened to my actual guts to see nothing at all for Big Love. I'd like to think that's because the season ended before some kind of arbitrary cut off point, but wasn't it on at about the same point as that critical favourite Mad Men? I could be wrong, and if so will bow my head. However, I'm not as wrong as the super-wrong decision to treat Big Love as the embarrassing cousin kept in the shed out back, when in fact it should be showered with lotus petals and given expensive presents. Or, more accurately, lots of awards. If there is a rule forbidding its inclusion in the nomination process, aren't rules meant to be broken? And shouldn't they? As often as possible when it comes to this show?

We love you even if no one else does, everyone who works on Big Love!

ETA: Ah hah! It's not all bad news. The proper full list, not the "full" list as promised by stupid stupid Yahoo News, shows Ellen Burstyn has been nominated for her guest performance in the superb episode Take Me As I Am, which is terrific news. However, it also proves the show was in contention for more Emmy nominations, and the lack of them irks even more now. I get that Men What Are Mad and Glenn Close Is Damaged! have taken the Prestigious Cable Drama slots in the main categories (with the other three slots going to network shows, as tradition demands), but surely there could have been some love for the rest of the cast. As good as Burstyn was in that episode (and OMG she was amazing), what about Jeanne Tripplehorn, who was equally amazing? Your day will come, Big Love.

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