Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Blog Slowdown Commence (2008 Edition)

It's a holi-holiday, and we're in chillax mode for a little while, meaning some pre-arranged content of varying quality popping up sporadically while we watch movies, play Crysis and Boom Blox (both awesome), and get toasted thanks to the powerful rays of the sun. In the meantime, feel free to ponder these two statements; Wall*E = Idiocracy for kids?

Plus, Kung Fu Panda > Wall*E < Ratatouille. That said, that statement does not mean I think Wall*E < Cassandra's Dream or anything terrible like that. More that Wall*E < I had hoped, but still > most things. Here is a list of further Wall*E statements.

  • Wall*E > In Bruges
  • Wall*E > Finding Nemo
  • Wall*E = Oobleck
  • Wall*E = Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  • Wall*E > Iron Man > Indy 4 > Jumper > Hancock > Wanted > The Happening > Cassandra's Dream < Dog Poop SoufflĂ©

  • Perhaps that makes things clearer. Or not. I'm all a-dither right now. It's not very often I come out of a movie of such artistry and such powerfully metaphorical or mythical resonance and have a (relatively) mild reaction, but that's how it is. For now, Kung Fu Panda remains number one in the hearts of two-thirds of Shades of Caruso. Let's see if The Dark Knight really is as good as everyone says (i.e. A PANACEA FOR THE MORTALLY WOUNDED WORLD SOUL, YOU WORTHLESS SCUM!!!).

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