Friday, 20 June 2008

Someone Loves A Hut More Than Keamy The Evil Merc?

The Lost poll, the one I dragged out until the very last possibility of seeing the season four finale had passed, is now over, and the voting went as follows:

  • Daniel Faraday - 5 (38%)
  • Miles Straume - 4 (30%)
  • Frank Lapidus - 3 (23%)
  • CS Lewis - 2 (15%)
  • Matthew Abaddon, as played by Lance "Intensity" Reddick - 1 (7%)
  • The Economist, whoever he or she turns out to be - 1 (7%)
  • Jacob's Moving Shack - 1 (7%)
  • Keamy and Omar the Sailor Men - 0 (0%)
  • George Minkowski - 0 (0%)
  • Regina, who will become corporeal soon, right? - 0 (0%)
  • Erm, Kevin Johnson? - 0 (0%)

  • A win for Daniel Faraday, played by the previously much-hated (in my head) Jeremy Davies. Knowing he was going to be in the show this season my heart sank, with memories of his quirks polluting Saving Private Ryan From The Nazis and George Clooney's Butt Orbiting Solaris, but boy howdy, the rat-bearded man has really surprised me. Faraday may not be my favourite new character (Canyon, on the other hand, loves him), but I do like him a lot, and hope that his mid-sea position at the end of the episode doesn't mean he has been vapourised or lost as a result of the disappearance of the island.

    Next up is Miles Straume, the bitchy psychic. He is Canyon's joint favourite new character, and he is indeed wonderful. Hurley's comment about the island gaining another Sawyer is telling; with Original Flavour Sawyer now all moody and heroic, there's room for a total bitch on the cast, and as he is also a ghostbuster and possibly mind-reader, he's even more interesting. Sadly his flashback has been postponed due to the writers' strike, but I get the feeling his time on the now-relocated island will be as interesting as his time off-island, so his forthcoming all-Miles-all-the-time episode cold be much much more than the filler that I thought it would be, with many new questions to be answered. First on my list, if he has all these powers, has he been approached by the Dharma Initiative before? Considering he started the season shaking down old ladies, it's fair to say he's not doing too well financially. Maybe a falling out with those stupid hippies put him in an untenable position?

    Yay Frank! His innate likeability, can-do attitude, and concern for the Oceanic survivors won me over almost instantly. As I said a while back, he really reminded me of the kind of pragmatic working-class character Stephen King writes so well, which the show really needed, what with the main cast being made up of academics, criminals, and fuck-ups. His final scene in the finale, saying goodbye to Jack, seemed to hint that he was not coming back to the show, but seeing as Ben said they all had to go back to the island, surely that means Frank and Desmond as well, not to mention Walt, Aaron and Ji Yeon.

    A shock two votes for CS Lewis, who had annoyed me with her crappy expressions throughout the season, only to surprise me in the final stretch. Humanising her by showing her affection for Daniel was a masterstroke, and hell, the reveal that she might have been on the island before (and might even have been born on it, which is obviously very significant) made her even more interesting. That particular surprise moment might have been my favourite shock of the entire episode. The possibilities it throws up are huge. So, I take it all back, CS Lewis. You sorta kinda rock. A bit.

    But come on, I'm the only person voting for Matthew Abaddon? But he's so terrifying! And intense! His appearance before Locke in the hospital was another great WTF moment, and was responsible for me really throwing my weight behind my Sirens of Titan theory. He is directly responsible for making Locke get on Oceanic 815, an act that apparently puts Locke right in his pocket, a particularly worrying development now we know Locke left the island at some point. Did Abaddon ever get there? Did he even want to? That's an even bigger mystery than who The Economist is, which seems to be Widmore, seen above with weird beard. But is he an economist? And if it is him, does that mean Ben intends to have him killed by Angel of Vengeance and Wavy Hair Sayid? Didn't Ben say that couldn't happen?

    Even more shocking, while a moving, ghostly shack containing dead people certainly deserves at least one vote, nothing for Keamy and Omar the sailor men? Nothing for hot, evil Keamy at all, except for several knife wounds? Perhaps I shouldn't have mixed him up with Omar, who did very little overall, except for be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a grenade came sailing past him. I'll go into Keamy's effect on me when I finally get around to talking about the finale in depth (yes, I've been working on it all week and things kept getting in the way), but let's just say the poor evil bastard wuz robbed, though perhaps not as much as "Kevin Johnson" aka Michael (ninety minutes of screentime and then 'splodey), Minkowski (about half an hour of screentime and then brainsplat), and poor Regina (four minutes of screentime and then kersploosh). I think no votes for them makes a kind of sense.

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