Monday, 2 June 2008

End of Season Review - Lost


::Lost finale spoilers below, for all those who have not been fortunate enough to see it yet::

More to come, as soon as I've managed to digest it all fully (three days after seeing it and I'm still in a state of shock), but until then, some little YouTube moments that I found interesting. First, what Sawyer said to Kate prior to his noble, heroic, and OMG so hott act of brave and heroic bravery (not to mention heroism):

Second, the dream phone call to Kate in reverse:

Third, the alternate endings, as shown on Good Morning America:

Many thanks to djcprod for getting those up on YouTube. And many thanks to whoever created this piece of You're The Man Now Dog genius (more YTMND Lost clips here). Still, even with the happy post-Lost glow, there is still cause for mourning. How long until we get new Lost?

You said it Ben, you magnificent bastard!

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