Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Wahlberg Awards - The Bourne Supremacy

While waiting for Jon Favreau's excellent Iron Man to begin, we were treated to a newer, more polished version of the trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's The Eventening (aka The Happening), and were treated to Mark Wahlberg's Oh Shit face on the big screen.

It's even more suspense-ruining than we first thought, and I'm sure I heard titters of disbelief around the room. Anyway, in honour of the forthcoming publicity blitz that will hopefully turn more people on to the ridiculousness, here's another award, this time for Joan Allen, commemorating the Best Response To Getting A Non-Booty Call From A Kickass Assassin While At Work, in Paul Greengrass' magnificent The Bourne Supremacy.

Jason Bourne really is one of those guys who just loves to catch people out. Even before being turned into a spy/assassin hybrid he probably used to put whoopee cushions on chairs and squirted people in the face with fake flowers. Sadly, meeting Albert Finney robbed us of a great clown, and what did we gain instead? Nothing but efficient death, pro-hands-free propaganda, and some very intense running. Thanks for that, Albert Finney.

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