Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Wahlberg Awards - Dune

With the recent news that Shades-Of-Caruso-favourite Peter Berg is going to direct another version of Frank Herbert's OPEC-in-Space epic Dune, I realised that the David Lynch version, as well as being unfairly criticised, features one of the great OH SHIT moments of our time. And so, Everett McGill, you win the Wahlberg Award for Best Response To A Murderous Messiah Going Loco On Sting's Ass:

Actually, Everett McGill's real response in that scene is perfect as it is. After Paul "Usul" Atreides unleashes his awesome voice power on Feyd's corpse, McGill says, "Muad'Dib!" like he just smelled a really noxious fart and was laying the blame at his messiahs feet. Which is surely a) rude enough to be really strongly advised against, and b) silly, as it's got to be impossible to guff while wearing a stillsuit.

I love Dune.

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