Wednesday, 2 April 2008


We have to shout from the rooftops; Friday Night Lights is coming back for a third season of 13 episodes, all of which are guaranteed. Just as with Veronica Mars I have been holding two thoughts in my head in a kind of DoubleThink mode, loving it and yet not wanting to commit to it too much because shows this wonderful rarely last long. Mars, Firefly, Journeyman, Deadwood, Dollhouse (we all know it, let's not kid ourselves that Fox will suddenly surprise us); we've been burned before. But finally, some good news!

Yes, 13 episodes is not the amount I would like (can 365 installments a year be managed somehow?), but I'd rather have an HBO-size season than nothing at all. More Smash! More Riggins! More Landry! Best of all, more wonderful Coach and Mrs. Coach sparring! Where's my booze and pompoms? It's go time!


Masticator said...

This is of course tremendously good news. Have you heard or seen anything about ITV4 showing the second season?

Admiral Neck said...

Nothing that I've heard about, but the region one boxset of the second season is out on April 22nd (the season stopped early because of the WGA strike and as NBC didn't bother ordering the rest of the season, it ends on an odd note).