Saturday, 5 April 2008

Introducing Adventures in Awesome

When starting this blog and trying to find a shape for it, I often posted long rambling posts about five things that made me very very happy. I enjoyed making them (because who doesn't like reminiscing about things that make them happy?), but five things ended up being a very cumbersome amount of random stuff to go on about. In the interest of making this blog a little more streamlined, consider that concept consigned to the dustbin of blog history, and I now unveil a replacement, wherein I will talk about one thing at a time. This might look like a cynical way to get smaller posts out there so I don't have to do as much work, but rest assured, our one or two readers, Canyon, Masticator and I will still be doing large posts as often as we can. Because blogging is our lifeblood!

The idea for my inaugural AiA post came while shopping in HMV for their quite beautiful super deluxe boxset of The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (still not getting the lavish praise and universal acclaim it deserves, though Mark "Zoot Suit" Kermode was raving about it recently, so ten points to him), as well as a cheap copy of Walter Hill's Wild Bill. Browsing through the Anime section for Ghost in the Shell bargains, I spotted something in the nearby World Cinema section, and it blew my mind.

An outrageous comedy about poltergeists, disco queens and short circuiting foam machines. Young, beautiful and in love, Marc (Clovis Cornillac) and Emma (Julie Depardieu) move into the house of their dreams, a magnificent old mansion that has been uninhabited for thirty years. What Emma and Marc don't know is that in the 1970's, the basement was a gay nightclub. One night thirty years ago, when the revellers were in full swing, an electrical fault with the foam machine started a fire that destroyed the club. Five bodies are never found. Today the house is haunted by the ghosts of five gay, mischievous clubbers. The problem is that Marc can see them, and Emma can't. Cracks start to appear in their relationship as Emma watches the man that she loves become increasingly obsessed by visions of naked men and clubbers in 70's disco gear, dancing to Boney M. But when Marc loses his job and Emma walks out on him, who's he going to call but the sex-starved spooks themselves! Can the Poltergays save their man, his marriage and still strut their stuff?

Two five star reviews on Amazon! That's good, right? I have to see this now.

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