Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Adventures In Awesome: More Thick Of It!

In the interests of having somewhere online to go, "Blearghyay!" every time I find out about something that approximately 89% of the world already knows about, I invented Adventures in Awesome as an Enthusiasm Delivery System. And I already need to use it again! I've only just found out from this article (printed months ago) that Armando Iannucci has been working on a movie of The Thick Of It. Actually, that article words it thusly:

Producer Adam Tandy said the film would be "set in the same world" as In The Thick Of It, but declined to say whether any characters from the TV series would make an appearance. The writing team are in the early stages of scripting the project, he added.

So, that seems to qualify as good news (more of that excoriating satire) and bad news (no Malcolm Tucker? No Ollie Reeder?), but right now we can rest easy. Peter Capaldi, the only person in the United Kingdom who could wrestle the "Intensity" title from Lance "Intensity" Reddick, was interviewed in the Sunday Herald this weekend, and it's good news for profanity fans everywhere.

He has a habit of slipping unannounced into the body of Malcolm Tucker, the foul-mouthed spin doctor he has made his own in the cult political satire The Thick Of It. It's a little scary to be on the receiving end, even though he's just pretending, but he says he needs lots of practice. A full-length movie of the series is about to start filming. It will be set largely in Washington and placed loosely, but recognisably, in the context of the Iraq war... After The Thick Of It movie - provisionally called In The Loop - he will start filming another series of the show for BBC Two.

More Thick Of It! Rejoice, rejoice, re-fucking-joice!!!

Now all the Beeb has to do it release the Spinners and Losers specials on DVD to join this barebones season one release and my day will be completely made.

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