Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Woolly Brilliance From Scotland

Apologies for just sticking a YouTube clip up (such laziness), but the excellent Rich Johnston linked to this in his most recent Lying In The Gutters column, and it begs to be embedded here, just so I can keep flogging this particularly dead and stinky and laughably inept horse. The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre presents Torchwool:

There's much more sock stuff on this MySpace page. For taking the time to put the boot into the show, I shall love them always. Oh, and what's going on with Torchwood's latest episode turning up on iPlayer early? I saw the damn thing up there the other day, but that episode, Reset (featuring ZOMGMARTHA!), is actually on tomorrow night. It wasn't on last week after all (a quick check of last Wednesday's papers has cleared that up), and the official BBC Torchwood page features no link to the iPlayer version, but it's there on the actual iPlayer page (for 21 more hours, before it appears again), as this screen capture I just took shows.

Is it a mistake on the BBC's part? Or is it a false memory implanted by evil Adam in an attempt to discredit my campaign to spread the word about this show's terrible and evil genre-destroying nature?!!?!? *

Enough of that. More laziness! Saw this for the first time earlier tonight; Dave Chappelle's take on The Matrix. Not the funniest thing ever (not a comment on Chappelle, who is incredible, IMO), but it's done shot-for-shot and choreographed with slavish accuracy. I was impressed. Actual content coming soon!

* Answer: Mistake. Its ineptitude is apparently total enough to corrupt technology.


Anonymous said...

RESET was on BBC3, straight after ADAM on BBC 2 last week...

Admiral Neck said...

Oh God, of course! I feel suitably chastened. Thanks for the info, anon, that has puzzled me for days, and yet the answer was so simple. It's not like this is the first time the Beeb has been doing this.

I guess I should leave this post up as a monument to my ignorance.