Thursday, 8 November 2007

The Shunning of the Blog

Yesterday I made a purchase of a gadget, a beautiful gadget of such wondrous magical power that given time I could bring the world to its stinky knees. No, not a time machine, or an Absorbascon, or Doctor Impossible's Power Staff; a really nice phone! It's new for me to have something that is not just used for texting and Tetris, so I'm very taken with the power of the thing, but sadly, there is one side effect; looking at this blog from a PDA or handheld computer automatically flags it as having objectionable content. Objectionable! Perhaps if you're a writer on Dirty Sexy Money, or you think that liking William Petersen is somehow a terrible thing (there are people like that out there, oddly enough), but other than commenting on those things, I like to keep it clean, though possibly mean. So the black mark I've given myself irks me greatly.

So anyway, I've asked for advice in Blogger Help Groups, and apparently it doesn't mean anything and I'm silly for worrying, but if this blog has vanished from Blogger or Google, it wasn't me and I'm not a filthy pornster! I'm just gadget-besotted and Blogger has a bug in it. So there.

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