Sunday, 25 November 2007

Pop Culture Will Fight Itself (1)

Who would win this head-to-head match? He-Man...

...or Machete?

He-Man has one half of a Power Sword and the Power of Greyskull on his side.

Machete has a lot of machetes. And throwing knives. And a nice coat and vest combo to hold it all.

He-Man gets around on a large Battle Cat.

Machete has a motorbike with a minigun on the front.

He-Man was once played by musclebound engineering graduate and former Punisher Dolph Lundgren. He seems like a nice chap. Though in one movie he played a horrible boxer who killed Apollo Creed, which is egregious.

Machete is played solely by Danny Trejo, who I have heard through an internet acquaintance is a very very nice man who has helped people escape delinquent childhoods.

So, who will win this impossible fight? You decide!!!


Chrissy said...
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Chrissy said...

Removed because she's big old doofus...

Danny Trejo: the man always seems to have soul, deep dark soul. He does menaching really well. He's got chops.

Dolph Lundgren: Muscles. Blonde hair. Dated Grace Jones AND Brigette Nielsen.

Danny Trejo in a landslide.