Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Blog Slowdown Commence!

In a few hours Canyon and I will be travelling to the tropical paradise of Newark to drink mojitos and eat Twinkies, during which time there will be less of us going on about our phones, bad TV shows, and internet favourite Moon Bloodgood. We might pop in occasionally, but I felt it important to stress that this is not the end of the blog, nosirree! We're just going to be busy. Until then, some lazy YouTube reposting. While watching Current TV this afternoon, not only did I find out a lot about coffee beans and hot Google searches (number one search at 4:00 this afternoon; Sarah Matravers!), I also saw this.

Considering Don't Fear The Reaper will be featured as a song on Rock Band, I think it would be nice of Harmonix to include a cowbell peripheral. And finally, because it can never be seen enough times, the sketch that started it all, with thanks to VodPod.

See you on the flipside, daddios!

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