Thursday, 11 October 2007

Puppet Angel PWNs Guitar Hero II...

...with Ben Grimm on power vocals.

Is Guitar Hero II the most entertaining thing ever invented? Right now it's up there with Bendis and Bagley's run on Ultimate Spider-Man, the third season of Buffy, the fifth season of Angel, bungee jumping, curry-induced endorphin rushes, and making fun of Neil LaBute's misogyny-thon The Wicker Man. Not only is it more addictive than Nazi-Crank redesigned for maximum effect by Stephen Hawking, Craig Venter, and evil 45th century time-travelling pharmacists, it made me nostalgic for those teenage days spent listening (against my will) to Cherry Pie by Warrant. Warrant, for God's sake! Is this game capable of miracles? It certainly changed my brain in a short space of time, and has tempted me to buy Van Halen, Heaven Tonight, and Wolfmother. God help my ears.

I can't thank Canyon enough for this most awesome of presents. [You're welcome. It is insanely addictive. Right now my "fret" hand is curled into an immobile claw, and yet I STILL MUST PLAY. -- Canyon]

ETA: The best thing about it is that it really does make you think you're contributing to the song being played via the console, mostly by making everything fall horribly apart if you miss a note. Or 18 notes in a row, if you're me. It really reinforces how much your playing is holding the song together. I'm amazed at how embarrassed I feel when the crowd starts booing. The opposite is also true; when I get the Star Power going well, the crowd is happy because of me! For a few minutes there, I was Jerry Cantrell playing Them Bones. Words cannot describe how satisfying that was.

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