Thursday, 13 September 2007

Suck It, Whoopi

Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars! Thank you, whoever decides on that. For some bizarre reason the critical consensus seemed to be that he wasn't very funny last year and his gig was a bit of an embarrassment, but for the life of me I don't see why. I thought he was the funniest host they've had in years, though I was a fan of Letterman, too, so what do I know (other than the fact that Whoopi Goldberg is a hack)?

Congratulations, Jon Stewart. Well played. Well played, indeed.


Dawn said...

You should be tripily (and by that, I mean 3 x whatever you started with) grateful that you don't get The View, with Whoopi as the new Rosie ... b/c the view from here has never been uglier.

Don't ask me about Barbara and the harpy clan convincing Whoopi to harness her overly ample womandom in a bra --- no, I said please, please don't ask.

I'm seriously still having a reoccurring nightmare about it that features Barbara Wawa: her hair is in cornrows and she is seated behind the news desk with Harry Reasoner, asking him about the effect of gravity on large, bulbous, weighted objects, and Harry, who is sucking on a grapefruit through a straw, keeps tipping his head to one side, going, "Wha' Baw-ba-wa? Wha'?"

Jaredan said...

I thought Jon Stewart did a very good job on his previous outing at the Oscars so I'm very pleased he has a return gig.
He was worth having for the "waking up with The Clooney skit" alone.

sjwoo said...

His Reese Witherspoon skit was my favorite, the one where the older couple talks about how un-American-sounding the other best actress names were.

The only saving grace of Whoopie: her cameo in 30 Rock last year. "Working Out with Whoopie" and her taking over the Tracy Jordan Meat Machine. "Bread is the worst thing in the world!"