Thursday, 27 September 2007

Puppet Angel PWNs Halo 3 (Updated)

And bodyslams Warren Ellis, apparently.

As reported everywhere, the collectors edition has a knackered supplementary disc thanks to it popping out of place in transit and sliding around, so I have to take it back. That was the same thing that happened with Warner Bros.' Superman special edition, wasn't it? Whatever. I'm just enjoying the game right now. Brutes may growl and shake their heads in anger at me, but I've got a hammer, a power drain, a fully loaded assault rifle, four grenades, and a backup squad of chatty Marines, so I'm not scared no mo'.

And will someone hire Martin O'Donnell to score a movie, for crying out loud??!?!? I see he's listed as composer on the abandoned Halo movie, which is fantastic news. Shame it's not being made right now. Here's hoping huge sales change the minds of the movie moguls.

I got my copy yesterday morning, and the guys in the shop told me a queue started at 3 in the afternoon the day before. A guy had made a sign saying, "Queue starts here". Funny. And then he got moved on by the town's shocktroopers as he was causing an obstruction. Killjoys. Political correctness gone etc.!!!

ETA: I was wrong about Edge. They gave it one of their hallowed 10 ratings and acted like it was the best game ever. Perhaps it is in the multiplayer mode, but even just single player, it's still amazing. A raucous battle involving Mongooses (futuristic Earth motorcycles) and pillion-riding, rocket-launcher-using Marines shooting down Banshees was already wonderful before an enormous Scarab turns up to kill everything in sight, prior to Master Chief leaping onto it and destroying its reactor. Thank you, Bungie, thank you for making my heart sing!


Jaredan said...

Well the $170 million opening day sales in the US will hopefully help the film along.

Admiral Neck said...

Bonus! Neil Blommkamp's (sp?) mini-ads are superb, so I'm excited.

Jaredan said...

Yeah the ads are great and I really like the "hostorical" tour through the museum exhibit on the website. Really effective score too.

Jaredan said...

...or historical for those people who like spelling.