Sunday, 23 September 2007

Pictures of Our Cats! I Bet You've Never Seen That In a Blog Before

Though we usually write about entertainment on this blog, as our lives are otherwise painfully boring, I've been wanting to put up some pictures for awhile. Not because I want to be a photo-blogger (there are far more talented than I out there, people who actually understand terms like "f-stop" and "aperture" and "say cheese") but because that will encourage me to take more pictures. I got a beautiful Nikon D50 for Christmas last year and I underuse it criminally (partly because the standard lens it comes with kind of sucks and whines at me when I want it to do things like, I don't know, focus). By the way, if you click on any of the pictures below, they'll open in a new window and won't be pixelated.

I thought I'd start off with a few pictures of my favorite (and, not coincidentally, most convenient) subject -- our cats. They are a pretty ordinary-looking pair -- though of course we tell them they're beautiful (or in my case, I tell them how lucky they are we don't let them out of the house, for surely they would frighten small children with their hideous visages). But they are very, very odd cats, and this makes them great subjects. In the shot above, they look contemplative, but they are probably about to either attempt to claw through the window to get to an imaginary moth, or about to start a cat war. Cat wars look something like this:

And below is a very, very, very rare moment of affection that I was lucky to get on camera. Possibly it happened because Syd looks like she's as high as Mr. Burns in the X-Files episode of The Simpsons.

Zoe is our tortoiseshell cat. One of her favorite things to do is to sprawl out on our coffee table (it is often so full of junk that it's hard for her to do it, but that doesn't stop her trying, knocking half the stuff off in the process) and ask for belly rubs, as shown here. Zoe is the flirt of the two, and she is a complete tart for the camera (and for any scraps of food she thinks you could now or possibly at some indeterminate time in the future have in your possession, and will meow at you until she gets, even if she ultimately doesn't want what you offer her). She also, as you can see, only has one tooth. This does not in any way impair her ongoing quest for food.

Zoe is also a fan of sometimes-questionable personal hygiene.

Sydney is our black and white cat, and she is, in a word, insane. She is a collection of bizarre habits and the kind of addled brain usually only found in supervillains in comics. If she's not trying to climb us as if we were trees, she's sitting on our shoulders and biting our hair, climbing up bookcases to better survey the landscape, sitting on the stairs while we watch tv and staring as us like a serial killer, falling over repeatedly (she's the clumsiest cat I've ever known, for all her leaping around), or kneading a blanket and sucking on it as if it were her mother's teat. She's weird.
Oh yeah, and she loves climbing into boxes. Above, she pilots her craft like a drunken captain. Below, her imitation of a mink stole.

Finally, a video of Sydney being nuts. AdmiralNeck let me use this video with the caveat that I mention that he's not provoking her here (even though he totally is) . She's insane, though, so she doesn't mind. Also, our carpet looks disgusting in this video -- we rent the place, so it's not our fault! And the camera adds at least half a pound of shedded fur.


Bella Rossa said...

LOVE the pics. Not that I haven't seen some of them on the OTZ. Drunk pirate, smiling cats, zoom on full frontal leg hairs - adorable!!

Dawn said...

Hey you cat lovers you,
I've been out combing the dog for the last few weeks and since I'm now covered with hair and catching up with your blog, I wanted to say I especially enjoyed the fur ball pictures. Especially the leg hair closeup!