Friday, 7 September 2007

Comics: The Good and The Bad

When the Black Canary Wedding Planner was solicited, I thought it was a little aberrant, considering the usual DC fare (months and months of Countdown crossovers, multiple Batman comics, and the odd lonely sighting of a Wildstorm title coming out 9 months late). Comics readers are most often male, and without wanting to seem like a cultivator of negative stereotypes, men don't seem to find stories of wedding preparations that thrilling. Besides, if they were, where's the Green Arrow Bachelor Party special? The only thing I could think of was perhaps DC was bolstered by the Minx titles, thinking that they could continue to bring female readers to their fold with wedding comics. Surely only someone who's never met or interacted with a woman really believes the phrase, "Wedding dresses!" automatically increases sales within that section of the readership. So it continued to mystify me. Until I read it, and came across this exchange between Black Canary, Vixen, Wonder Woman, and Oracle (relegated to the bottom of the panel). As ever, it's all about the improbably nubile women, this time with the added bonus of underwear. ::sigh::

Still comics can be great. I've only sporadically enjoyed Reginald Hudlin's Black Panther series, and have only been buying it recently because of the Fantastic Four connection. The current Marvel Zombies arc has been annoying, mostly because I find the zombie universe just really depressing. Don't get me wrong, I love zombies, but a whole planet of zombies just makes me feel sad and a little creeped out. Having them absorb Galactus' power and then attack the Skrull homeworld, while a very clever idea, just makes me even unhappier. So, with two strikes against the latest Black Panther, why did I like it so much? Because...

...everything is better with Thanos.

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