Monday, 17 September 2007

Broken back + sweatlodge + future ghost = Emmy

Many many congratulations to Terry O'Quinn, recipient of the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor In The Best Dramatic Series On TV Who Is Not Michael Emerson. If you'll forgive me for blowing my own trumpet, I called it the moment I saw this scene (beware, season three Lost spoilers for those who have yet to catch up):

Actually, I think there's more chance he won it for this. More tragedy and nuance, less prairie dog.

That scene freaked me out and broke my heart. I've been a fan since seeing the soon to be remade Stepfather, and have been thrilled to see him popping up to enliven Alias and The X-Files, so some recognition (not counting his Saturn Award and Screen Actors Guild group award) is to be celebrated.

Also, congratulations to Tina Fey and the cast and crew of 30 Rock for their Outstanding Comedy Series award, and America Ferrera for her Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Not only are they well deserved awards, but it meant a Desperate Housewives shut-out. My night, it is made.


sjwoo said...

Check out the Ken Levine review -- he's pretty much dead on. Field winning was a big surprise, but Spader was not; I figured if they were gonna snub Carm, they would snub Tony as well. Without a doubt, the Jersey Boys tribute to the Sopranos was the lowlight of the evening. Highlight was definitely the variety show writers (Colbert, Daily, Letterman, etc.) introducing themselves.

Jaredan said...

Somewhere I hear Christopher Walken saying "needs more prairie dog".
I was really pleased for O'Quinn too but is it just me who hides behind the sofa whenever Sally Field turns up?

Admiral Neck said...

Mr. Woo, you missed out Conan! His intro might have been my favourite. Not yet seen Stewart, Colbert and Carell getting Gervais' Emmy, as our PRV collapsed under the weight of several hours of Seabland's robogrin. Hopefully our second attempt will work out.

As for Sally Field, I too was scared to see her last night, but I still fondly remember her turn on ER as Maura Tierney's crazy mom. She was just incredible.

Speaking of crazy, please let Stanley Tucci and Elaine Stritch get a show together! That was a real highlight.

Jaredan said...

The Daily Show boys were pretty damn funny as per usual.
And I put content up as ordered you swine.
Btw have you seen Summer Glau in The Sarah Connor Chronicles?

Admiral Neck said...

Not yet seen it, though I will, despite the casting of the woefully dreadful Lena Headey as Sarah Connor. We did watch the collectors edition of Serenity with the new commentary on it, and Glau said about three things, all of them so quietly you could barely hear her. I can't imagine someone that quiet being a terminatrix.

Jaredan said...

You can find the trailer here:

Summer naked, sigh why do such a terrible thing?

Also beware, spoilers for the ending of Halo 3 are popping up like spring bunnies.

Admiral Neck said...

Bah! It's not letting me watch it because I'm in the UK. I'll see it eventually, I'm sure. I notice it's written by Josh Friedman. He wrote War of the Worlds. Qualified yay! But he also wrote The Black Dahlia. Enormous boo!

Masticator said...

But - and you may have heard someone else say this before - Lena Headey is unbelievably hot.

Also: she was born in 1973. Thomas Dekker who plays John, born in 1987.

::does sums in head::

OMG Kyle Reese is a paedophile! Someone call the Daily Express!

There's previews of SCC on YouTube. Summer actually gets to say "Come with me if you want to live", which must be pretty fucking cool.

Yay for Sopranos, Jaime Pressly, America Ferrara and - yes - GERVAIS! I would yay Terry O'Quinn as well, but I haven't seen season 3. Anyone see Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee? I don't suppose we'll ever get it in UK, but that's one of my favourite non-fic books ever. I was wondering what the adaptation was like.

Canyon said...

I don't get the Lena Headey hottttttness thing. I couldn't pick her out of a lineup, she looks so generic. Well, a lineup of fairly attractive brunette actresses, anyway.

The best part about Gervais winning (which my co-writer is going to have you banned for being excited about) was Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert giving the award to Steve Carrell because Gervais couldn't be bothered to show. Talk about hotness! A triumverate of comedy hotness!

Masticator said...

Lena Headey is amazing.

Canyon said...

No bagel for you!