Sunday, 19 August 2007

What tattoo would James Lipton have?

The Performance Channel is nice enough to show Inside the Actor's Studio on Sunday morning, and is pretty much the only thing worth watching at 10:00am. This morning it was Billy Bob Thornton. Again. It's repeated even more often than the Samuel L. Jackson installment, so often that the Performance Channel is one more repeat away from becoming a hillbilly testcard. (Luckily I think Billy Bob rocks, so it's not exactly a hardship.)

Anyway, at some point during the interview James Lipton revealed that he wanted a tattoo, but had been blocked by his wife. What would it have been? Canyon reckons it would be Will Ferrell, which has a nice circularity to it.

I reckon it would have to be Bernard Pivot.

And he'd have it on his chest.

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