Saturday, 25 August 2007

Things I learnt today (Aug 25th, 2007)

1: "Ice-Truck Killer", in Spanish, is "Ice-Truck Killer." (According to Angel Batista [David Zayas] on Dexter.)

2: Just when you think Jeremy Paxman can't get any cooler, he gets significantly cooler. He says a lot of smart things about trust in the broadcast media, dissipating audiences, cowardly commissioning within the BBC, the ineptitude of many producers and shortsightedness of executives willingly blinding themselves to the threats (and potential benefits) of new technology, but the bit that made me happiest came during a section on a typically self-pitying speech by Tony Blair about the relationship between the media and the government, where he took Blair and Campbell to task:

We do not need to take seriously complaints about the marginalising of parliament from a Prime Minister who could hardly be bothered to turn up there much of the time. Nor need we concern ourselves with complaints about trivialisation of cabinet government from a man whose cabinet meetings could last less time than an edition of Ready Steady Cook. We do not need lectures about cynicism from an administration which employed people who believed that September 11th was a good day to bury bad news. Most of all, we do not need homilies about destroying people’s reputations from an administration on whose watch Dr David Kelly was driven to suicide.

I <3 Paxman. So does Emily Bell.

3: Jesse Cameron and Jennifer Morrison have broken off their engagement, according to this TV Guide article. A planet mourns!

4: According to Michael Ausiello, Will Arnett is returning to 30 Rock this season. No word yet on the shortie robe.

5: Hawkman is smarter than me.

That, my friends, is science.

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