Friday, 17 August 2007

Mission statement

Years after the rest of the world has joined the blogosphere, and with only the vaguest idea of what it means to join that group, I'm here to blurt observations about pop culture and random events, and make the odd ill-informed comment about comics continuity that will reveal the lack of knowledge I have on the subject.

I will also occasionally give praise to David Caruso, enigmatic leading man and inventor of the Caruso Two-Step, the most dynamic and dramatic method of leaving the frame yet devised. If you've avoided CSI: Miami thanks to its reputation as an ineptly written, over-directed, straight-faced semi-parody of the procedural genre, and haven't seen this powerful acting move, then shame on you, for you have not fully lived.


lacyleanne said...

are you bagging on David Caruso or praising him?

Admiral Neck said...

Rest assured, my affection for David Caruso is genuine, even if it has changed over time. He caught my eye in Kings of New York and Hudson Hawk, before blowing me away in NYPD Blue. He was the coolest mofo on TV.

The next few years of his career, and his well-documented choices, were hard to watch. While I was glad he got the part of Horatio Caine, it was tempered by the fact that I once hated CSI: Miami. Now? Well, I still think it's a really bad show, but my feelings are more complicated than just disliking it, which I don't. I derive lots of pleasure from it. I'm sure I'll go into my fascination with it at some point.

As for Caruso, while I wish he was doing work that challenges him and allows him to live up to that early promise, I think he's doing something interesting anyway. He's worked hard at becoming an icon, someone larger than the show and larger than his reputation, which has become the butt of many jokes. He's one of the most recognisable and famous people on the planet. More power to him, I say.

Vixen said...

I just love your reviews . They are witty and a pleasure to read...keep up the good work.

lacyleanne said...

you should be made aware that "vixen" is a stalker-hater named heidemarie schnitzer, late of a mental asylum in Innsbrusk austria. she sent over 100 death threat letters to Caruso, and threated "maybe I'll start with your daughter". give her an inch and she will absolutely ruin your blog.

that said, i'm glad that you recognize that Caruso has talent, whether he is currently using it or not. He was very cool in KONY and had a very odd role in Hudson Hawke, but I think his best role (beyond NYPD) was "Mike" in Mad Dog and Glory "Five more minutes, man" never sounded so desperate! and of course, the way he stands up to the cop who hits the girlfriend is classic Caruso in my mind.

it would be really cool to see him pull out his acting chops once again, but perhaps at nearly-52, he figures making sure money and building his icon-status even further is more important than being seen as an ass a second time by leaving a top-rated show again .

Jenny said...

Wake up gitrl. Caruso is an ass who has neither talend nor charisma nor looks.
bout ruining another persons blog: whwn I read your blog I'll get the impression you are a mental case yourself. Or how do you call people who cut themselves for no apparent reason. So stop sputtering nonsense about other persons and start with yourself. You are obviously not the brightest puppy of the litter yourself.

Jenny said...

Sorry, for the typos admiral neck, but typing in the middle of the night is treacherous (sometimes). Love your blog even if I don't think Caruso can be called an actor at all. He is a poser at best.Your recaps of the various episodes are a joy to read. I presume,he won't find another job on TV after CSI Miami is done.

lacyleanne said...

jenny, if that is even your name, yiu know nothing about me but what you read. you speak trash yourself and are below further comment.